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Friday, August 22, 2008

Bosch P lacement Paper- 3rd MARCH Coimbatore Institute of Technology

Hai friends,

Im prabha,i attended Robert Bosch yesterday,the crowd was about 3000....they provide separate test papers for each branch......I m an IT student.....My paper was containing all repeated questions....just learn all the question papers given in this forum....i cleared the apti....the 2nd round was GD and 3 and 4 th was tech and hr....same question papersfor both it and cse.....i cleared GD but i went out in Techniceal HR...hope my experience will help u al a lot

There was a total of 80 questions for 80 minutes..... use only pencils...

questions are..

1.Big Indian is an----------------(Ans ordering of bytes)
3.Question on 2s complement
4.inheritance is (forgot choices)
5.if (test())




i will be incremented only when value of test=1

6.transfering of pages from memory to peripheral devices through buffer is ( spooling)
7.A basic question on dynamic binding
8.many questions on data structures but i dint attend those
9. i[0]=1;i[1]=2

int *pi;


printf("%d %d",*pi+1+(*pi+1)) (repeated)

10.array containingstring is( group of characters ending with /0)
11.Sorry friends i remember ony these but all were repeated just learn basics regarding apti it wAS only 5(avg,time n work,venn dia type)......1 logical reasonong question........1 data interpretation very very easy....english was a bit tough since there is no sectional cut problrm........all the best friends.....

Technical interview will be in ther field of interest only......


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