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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


1. how do U load a file which is not in the searchpath a.load_mod(file,0,0) b.load(file); c.load(file, 0, 0)

2.How do U code internally code a script in Compile module load (file, script) Idont reemeber the objective's

3.How do U invoke an application invoke_applicaton(file name,-----Show mode)

4.sample code :wait(20); Default time given in the Editor option =15secs What's the total wait time : a.min & max20secs b.min 15 & max 35secs c.min0 & max 20 secs

5.How do U invoke a IEbrowser a. invoke_application() b.invoke_web_brouser() ---

6.Can a scscript contains morethan one similar logical names a.Yes b.No

7.Difference b/n set_window or _set_window a.set_window contains logical name & _set_window contains descriptive input logical name b. set_window contains >descriptiveinput fo logical name , vice versa of previous option I dont remenbr all q's frens Plz reply with AnSwERs , & IM BADLY EXPECTING ALL TETING -WINRUNER WRITEN Q'S & OPTIONS--LR, TD , BCOZ ICUDNT GET THRU IN ANY.

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