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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Accenture Placement Paper - 12th JULY AT HYDERABAD


Hi accenture idc visited bbsr as off campus on 20th july these r the questions as per my memory
Writen was held in ITER and rest of the process GD, HR ,TECH was in my college kiit-university

1.Fill in the blanks
it was quite easy using preposition and article.
i saw hi m __the airport
__man u see ih mu father
__university if its status. does not requirred any advtisement

2.synonyms:- geeta passed her exam and supassed her parents dream. meaning of surpassed:fulfill,meet,exceed(3 synonyms were given)
some easy but confusing

3.two passage: 1 from threading & 2nd from clustering and non clustering
5 questions from each passage.

1.if *=0 &$=1
a> then 564=
b>find the result of factor of(12,36,64)-2=
2.if *=-,/=+,+=/&*=- then find 7+6/5-4*2=(4problems on it )
two to find out the value and 2 to test which is true

3.2 vein digram of 3 variables
80 students know french 70 know english, 40 know hindi 20 both hindi & english,10 both english & french. how many of them know 3 languages.(similar other problem).

4.which of the following is true:
a>7*6+3/2-4=22.5 b>..................

5.using which statement problm can be solved using i only ,using ii only ,using both ii & i, none find the price of 1 kg of tomato?
similar 3 problems.

6.which of the following are same:
a> 1204.686895 b>1204.686896 c>1204.686895
Essay on my college engineeering days

Maths ::
>problems on profit & loss
>problems on simple intrest
>problems like selection procedure
60% marks is required in english,50% in maths ,40% in hindi
3more condition were given accordingly u have to solve 3 questions.
>problems on time & distance.
atrain is coming at 200km,other 300km
distance ic 450 when they will meeet

cut of was more than 40 as questions were easy

Devidutta Panda

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