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Friday, August 22, 2008

Axes: Placement Paper 4

Computer science branch students had 4 sections to

1 .General aptitude (simple - easier than
Q-11. was wrong it was relating to some fatal
relationship. the other's were number
GRE analogies, antonyms (abt. 10 q's).
totally about 50 q's
2 .Microcontroller 8086 (basics only,some q's like
max. unsigned number in 8086 ans = 2power16 )
there were some small codes you need to trace.
3 .'c' was simple, there were some stubs o/p was
to be traced. there was one bit wise 'or'
4 .I felt this the toughest (Java/C++/OSconcepts)
Java and C++ were general questions, no progs.
and os was easy. (i guess i got just 40 % right
in this section)

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